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HQTS brings to you the lastest news and insights about Quality Control and Supply Chain Managemet. 

Gain first-hand knowledge from industry experts in a wide range of topics with a focus on quality control, sourcing and regulations. Feel free to download HQTS Podcast episodes to listen on the go wherever you go.

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Paolo Falcioni talks about The role of IoT in Smart Grid Technology

HQTS interviewed Paolo Falcioni, Director General, Home Appliance Europe (APPLIA) about EU Smart Home Automation and Appliance Industry Growth, Challenges and opportunities by 2027. Paolo spoke to us about standardization, security, supply chain changes and regulation among other things related to Home Automation & Appliance Industry Growth.

Robert Alexander talks about the Safety concerns of the Right to Repair Movement in EU

HQTS interviewed Robert Alexander, the EEESafe CEO about the safety concerns of the Right to Repair Movement happening across the EU. Robert spoke to us about the main safety issues concerning the Right to Repair Movement explaining that the biggest danger to the consumer is electricity and ensuring the correct materials and components are being used during an at home repair.

Damien Smith talks about the impact of the Right to Repair initiative on the Electronics Supply Chain

HQTS interviewed Damien Smith, CEO at Ecodesk about the impact of the right to repair initiative on the electronics supply chain. Damien spoke to us about how the government legislation is intended to be used and explained the right to repair process; allowing consumers to repair and modify their own electronic devices.

Mark Godfrey talks aboud the oulook of Chinese Seafood Market

Mark spoke to us about the current outlook of China’s seafood market, explaining that COVID-19 has caused there to be restrictions at customs and how several importers and source companies from different countries who are being blocked from the market for up to a week due to traces of COVID found on the frozen seafood packages.