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California Proposition 65: Several Brands Received a 60-Day Notice for BPA in Sports Bras and Athletic Shirts

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) found Bisphenol A (BPA) and PFOS/PFOA in a variety of textile products. The test results showed that the subjected products could expose the individual up to 22 times above the safe limit under California Proposition 65. The products were primarily women’s bras and athletic shirts made out of polyester and containing spandex.

The tested products did not provide Proposition 65 warning labels, and the CEH sent legal notices to several brands, giving them 60 days to remedy the violations.

BPA is listed in Proportion 65 as a chemical known to harm the female reproductive system and growth and development. Individuals are often exposed to BPA by absorption through the skin when wearing the garments, as well as ingestion via hand-to-mouth contact after handling the garments. Businesses have a labeling requirement to warn consumers about the exposure to BPA under California’s Proposition 65.

For more information, read the CEH notice here.


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