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Canada Introduces New Measures to Regulate Mercury in Products

Canada Mercury Law

On December 24, 2022, Canada´s Health and Department of Environment has proposed amendments to its regulation controlling mercury-containing products due to their hazardous properties and widely available substitute products. The proposed changes aim to reduce the amount of mercury in products, specifically by ending exemptions for lamps and catalysts that contain the substance.

Mercury is a naturally occurring chemical element that can be transformed into a highly toxic compound called methylmercury, which can harm the nervous, digestive, immune systems and more.

Canada Mercury Regulations (SOR/2014-254) and New Amendments

In 2014, Canada implemented the Products Containing Mercury Regulations (SOR/2014-254), prohibiting manufacturing and importing products containing mercury or any of its compounds. However, certain essential products, such as dental amalgams, lamps, and scientific instruments, were exempt from the regulation.

Since the regulation became effective, consumers now have more readily available substitutes for mercury-containing lamps. These new amendments are intended to align with the Minamata Convention on Mercury requirements, ratified in 2017, as well as other applicable industry standards and international regulatory initiatives.

Click here to see the full announcement.

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