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Dongguan Sorting Inspection Factory Is Ready For The Peak Season

After more than one month of preprations, HQTS Dongguan sorting inspection factory opened in the end of May. The new factory has a strong focus on supply chain management combined with “warehouse-inspection-logistics”. The factory is a joint adventure with a local logistics company. Both parties are making efforts to promote integrated and flexible supply chain services for global medium and high-end brands. The factory is HQTS 4th sorting inspection factory after Shanghai, Quanzhou and Cambodia.

Mrs. Kathy, HQTS Vice President, explained the reasons why HQTS chooses Dongguan as a factory location: ”HQTS is always looking for opportunities to extend our reach through new regions and creative domestic market alliances. This time HQTS introduces our advanced Janpanese style quality management model and combines local productivity with advanced logistics to establish a new style of sorting inspection factory. It is an important measure for HQTS providing comprehensive quality assurance services to global and domectic clients. ”

Increasing manufacturing costs made Chinese goods less competitive in the recent years. It brings a huge impact on the survival and development of traditional major bases for textile and apparel manufacturers in China, including Dongguan. China’s manufacturing industry moved forwards from a low-tech and low-cost stage to medium and high end products. Chinese manufacturers have to move from a loose collection of businesses into a fully integrated multindustry with morden logistics and quality controls in warehousing, sorting and delivering. Due to this industry changes, HQTS is now focusing on providing supply chain integrations with warehouses, sorting inspection factories and logistal companies by providing comprehensive service experiences to clients.

HQTS Dongguan Sorting Inspection Factory, based in Humen Town, can also extend the services scope to entire South China. HQTS takes textile and apparel products as a key focus and faces Europe, America, Japan as well as domestic markets by providing full support for quality, effectiveness, traceabilty, and integrated supply chain management.

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