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HQTS 2017 First Sales Elite Training

In support of HQTS Group’s companywide efforts toward professional development, management held the first Elite Sales Training in 2017. This event was attended by more than 50 sales representatives from around the world.

The comprehensive training provided opportunities for sales staff to explore solutions to various sales problems; participate in workshops to develop tools, tactics and strategies; and listen to instructive seminars. All agreed that this training was successful in helping all to improve sales skills.

Three key take-aways from the sessions include:

  1. The value proposition potion underscored the importance of understanding client needs and how to craft value in a service offering that best meets those needs. This training emphasized the need to be consultative, rather than sales oriented.
  2. Continual improvement in communication is key to successful sales. Since the quality of questions has a direct correlation to sales success, the team received training in Spin Selling; the effective use of four types of sales questions from generating interest to managing the customer.
  3. Being a true professional. This includes a comprehensive understanding our personal skills and ability, our company offerings, and a client’s situation. This allows sales people to focus less on selling and more on helping to finding solutions for people’s problems, and how to articulate that value proposition.

HQTS values those who acquire new skills and knowledge. We understand that professional development is an important contribution for individual and company growth. We support these goals by organizing professional training and events such as this. We look forward to our next Elite Sales Training.

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