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HQTS Annual Sales and Marketing Meeting 2020

It’s been a challenging year for both businesses and people across the world. When the seriousness of Covid-19 became apparent around the time of Chinese New Year, no one knew just quite what we were in for as adapting to change became a necessity rather than an option.

But while 2020 has been a year we’ll never forget with the world economy severely affected, HQTS managed to achieve good results and revenue performance. The spirit, hardworking nature and dedication of our sales and marketing staff are testament to how the company has managed to excel in uncertain times which was celebrated at the company’s annual conference in Fuzhou last week.

On Thursday December 17, HQTS held its annual Sales and Marketing Meeting 2020 with teams from across China joining the gathering in the city of the company’s headquarters. Due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions, international teams including those in Bangladesh, India, Russia, South Korea, the UK and Vietnam joined the event via video conference.

The day kicked off with an opening address from Sam Li, President of HQTS Group. “in this special period of the global pandemic, HQTS Group marketing and sales teams have adjusted their strategies accordingly,” he said. “We continue to keep putting forward new innovative ideas, turning crisis into opportunity, so that our new clients’ revenue continued to increase in 2020. We couldn’t have achieved success without our sales and marketing teams’ willingness to embrace change and welcome innovation.”

He also spoke about the key points and main direction of the Group’s 2021 sales and marketing visions. “The world economy is still facing a lot of uncertainty. In 2021, the external environment will face more difficulties,” Li explained. “The market and needs of clients are changing rapidly. How to seize the opportunity and grasp opportunity is a question that all of us need to carefully consider. We need to formulate sales strategies and tactics, so as to let our business income keep growing. In the era of new a situation, innovation is the key to help our business thrive and prosper.”

The annual event included a first day that saw presentations given by key staff and training exercises for all employees while sales staff also shared their experiences of working for the company on stage. The second day saw the team head into the nearby mountains of Fuzhou to complete a litter picking exercise as part of HQTS’ ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The overall theme of this year’s gathering was ‘Embrace Changes’. Change is a forever topic for any enterprise. The external environment is changing all the time, the market is changing and our competitors are also changing. HQTS embraces changes, which requires us to meet changes and challenges with a positive attitude and approach which the Group will continue to demonstrate in 2021.

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