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HQTS Approved by Amazon as an APASS package testing and certification provider

HQTS is pleased to announce that Amazon has approved our lab as an APASS package testing provider.

Mr. Richard Fan, President of HQTS Group Ltd, stated, “We are pleased to add this capability to our testing operations. While we have been working with many companies for some years to ensure Amazon packaging compliance, we are happy to be recognized by Amazon for our technical capabilities in this specialized ISTA packaging space.” Mr. Fan continued, “With the rise of eCommerce distribution center specific packing, HQTS is in a unique position to assist companies to comply with, not only APASS, but all eCommerce distribution center requirements.”

Located in Hangzhou China, our primary laboratory is staffed with experienced technicians and engineers who bring many years of packaging experience in servicing our customer’s needs. As more and more Asian companies integrate sales operations with Amazon and other eCommerce platforms, this will underscore our ability to facilitate their understanding and implementation of APASS requirements.

As an ISTA certified testing lab, HQTS can test and certify your product packaging for Tier 1: FFP, Tier 2: SIOC and Tier 3: PFP without requiring any additional testing or documentation from Amazon. Once your product packaging passes the target certification, we provide you with the Amazon standard lab report that you will upload to Amazon for quick certification.

About HQTS Group Ltd: HQTS is the parent company of five international quality assurance companies providing inspections, testing, factory audits, supply chain, and consulting services for our global clients. With more than 1500 employees in 20 + countries, HQTS has been a provider of Quality Assurance and Supply Chain related services since 1987. Find more information at www.hqts.com.

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