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HQTS attended CIFTIS in Beijing

2019 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Fair), co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal Government, was held at the Beijing National Convention Center from 28 May to 31 May2019.

As leading third party services provider in quality assurance of Fujian Province, HQTS attended the Beijing Fair.

At the Beijing Fair, HQTS Group representative, Mr. Alex Yao, General Manager of the China Marketing Department, shared the HQTS Group’s experiences of quality services for international trade, and the Group’s market strategic plan cooperates with national “One Belt One Road” strategy. HQTS presentation has attracted extensive attention in the Fair.

The HQTS Group (HQTS) has been through 24 years and has gradually expanded business around the world with the development of globalization. HQTS also gives full play to the positive role of third-party quality organizations and utilizes own advantages. The one-stop supply chain management model and perfect quality control system provide a full range of quality control services for China’s export products, so that Chinese products can connect with the international trade market, and help Chinese national brand going global and wining international consumers’ trust.

On May 29th, The Vice President of HQTS Group, Mrs. Kathy, was also invited to accept an exclusive interview with <International Business Daily>. She said that HQTS Group not only limits to “going out” with providing quality services for exporting goods, also actively follows national “active import expansion” policy with implementing the “introduction” strategy, to actively play a platform role, and introduce first-class products in the world into China market through HQTS services. Such platform role will allow Chinese have more chances to contact with the world, and promote qualified domestic supply system, meet the increasing people’s consumption willing.

The world economy is undergoing major development, major changes and major adjustments. The service industry has become an important growth pole of the world economy. Its position in the global value chain has been continuously enhanced. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, the HQTS Group will promote our quality services to more countries and regions. The Beijing Fair has provided HQTS with a good opportunity to present the image of China’s third-party quality control services to Chinese and foreign guests. HQTS is emphasizing cooperation in the industry and striving to promote efficient and efficient services to international and domestic market, and achieve “win-win”.

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