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HQTS Attended Ethics Standards Conference

HQTS recently participated in developing standards regarding bribery in the Testing, Inspections, and Certification industry in China. The standards are the TIC industry Self-Disciplined Code of Conduct and the TIC Industry Employees Code of Conduct. Government departments, social groups, HQTS, and other major industry players contributed to the successful completion of the draft proposals.

On July 31, 2019, the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQ) hosted a conference in Beijing, China, to review the proposals.

Conference attendees agreed that bribery and corruption is a source of serious threat to the TIC industry. Thus, a practical approach to self-regulation based on the draft standards was necessary to combat this threat. The HQTS representative proposed that the standards should include a “Blacklist” system which would maintain a listing of all employees with a verifiable record of unethical behavior and bribery.

Under this system, any person employed in the TIC industry found to have a proven record of unethical activities shall be barred from the TIC industry. TIC providers would share such information to a centralized database.

HQTS has long been a proponent for such a list. They believe it will go a long way towards eliminating churning of unethical industry people. Appropriate protocols would be established for employee challenges, warnings, and readmission.  The list would be an essential step in creating greater accountability, reducing bribery, and increasing trust in the TIC industry in China. HQTS’s proposal was well received with discussion to follow regarding planning and implementation.

The TIC industry plays a critical role in servicing the economy and promoting quality trade practices. Adding standards and controls to encourage self-discipline and behavior of employees in the industry can further server those interests.

The TIC conference called on the public and the media to recognize and support the effort to join in the fight against unethical behavior and bribery, which are not just limited to the TIC industry.

HQTS representative, Mr. Bruce Wang (right) attended the conference

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