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HQTS Announces New Measures for the Coronavirus Outbreak

While some Chinese companies are officially back to work today, most have a reduced production capacity due to ongoing delays. HQTS understands that this can be frustrating, and we are here to help in any way we can. For this reason, we are announcing a series of measures aimed at helping our customers reduce how this ongoing crisis will affect their business with regard to suppliers in Mainland China.

HQTS is taking the following measures to help our customers who source from Mainland China adjust to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. These include:

– Setting up suppliers’ Prevention and Treatment Systems for the viral outbreak

– Managing extended lead times in the supply chain

– Adjusting for the limited availability of materials and components

– Re-examining production lines to ensure consistent quality

– Using our online QC system to report on the quantity and quality of daily production output

– Implementing strict adapted sampling procedures for pre-shipment auditing

– Monitoring local transportation and loading systems for delays before products are shipped

These measures, which have already been implemented, will ensure maximum transparency for our customers while reducing delays as much as possible. This will make your sourcing experience simpler and easier to manage by guaranteeing accurate reporting for each order without back logs. In this way, we can help your business reduce the effects of this ongoing crisis.

HQTS has more than 1500 personnel across Asia to serve as your eyes on the ground for your suppliers, both old and new. We provide industry-leading quality assurance services and on-the-ground expertise to customers around the world. If you are concerned about how the coronavirus outbreak will affect your business, please contact us today.

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