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HQTS Failure Report Analysis

36 samples were selected from all the failed testing reports of Jan., 2018 conducted by HQTS-QAI Lab at random, which are mainly conducted for chemical testing for US and EU markets. The products that were tested are of various types, which include: fans, USB chargers, headphones, solar light, trousers, etc.

The reasons for failure are analyzed as below. The major reasons include the out-of-limit of lead content, phthalates content, cadmium content, organic tin and nickel release, and the main regulations that it violates are EC Directive 2011/65/EU—RoHS, CPSIA 2008, EN 14372-2004, European Standard on Safety of Toys: EN71, EU Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of REACH XVII Entry 27 for Nickel Release, etc.

It is reminded by HQTS-QAI that manufacturers and traders aiming at the EU and US markets should pay great attention to the regulations of RoHS, CPSIA, REACH, EN71, etc. to avoid the product recall/rejection at port.

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