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HQTS Attends the First Annual TIC Summit

Leading organizations in the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) industry have created the TIC Council. The TIC is a new international association representing third-party verification companies. Based in Brussels, the TIC was born from the merger of  IFIA and CEOC. Ninety member organizations form the council, including HQTS Group Ltd.

As a founding council member, HQTS, was pleased to attend the first annual summit of the TIC Counsel on June 19, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium.

Providers in the independent TIC industry provide a broad range of services, including quality control services, product testing, certification and shipment valuations, industrial inspections, certificates of conformity and others. Its technical competences and services are provided across all sectors of the economy throughout the value chain.

“The TIC industry has great potential, and new technology will continue to drive the industry forward. TIC Council members,” said HQTS CEO Richard Fan. He continued, “as quality assurance practitioners, we have the obligation through entities such as TIC to maximize opportunities to engage stakeholders, governments and the public to advocate for practical solutions that  facilitate trade, protect consumers, and encourage innovation.

“With the expertise and competence of our members, we can be valuable advisors to policy-makers around the world on how to use TIC services. We help further develop required regulations to protect consumers without hindering innovation or adding an unnecessary burden on the industry,” added Ms. Hanane Taidi, Director General of TIC Council.

About HQTS: Based in China, HQTS is one of Asia’s oldest and largest quality assurance providers with operations in more than 20 countries and 1500 employees. The company provides a broad range of quality control, assurance, and supply chain services throughout Asia, including quality control inspections, product testing, factory audits, production control and management, consulting and certification services.

HQTS representatives Mr. Edwin Deverille (left) and Mrs. Jennifer Chen (right) pictured with other TIC members

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