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HQTS Group held Upgrade Supply Chain Services Seminar on September 19 and 20 in Wuyishan, Fujian Province. The seminar’s topic is “The Mutual Benefit of Quality Management in the Supply Chain”. Key management from HQTS Group, industry experts and representatives of various elite domestic enterprises attended the seminar.

Ms. Kathy, the Vice President of HQTS Group and Ms. Rao, Lecturer of Fujian Light Industrial College, shared information regarding the international/domestic economic situation, and problems the industry is facing.
The seminar’s topics include:
1. Comparing the development of manufacturing industry from the the standpoint of the domestic and foreign economies.
2. From quality assurance market in Southeast Asia to see the industrial transfer;
3. How to improve quality in the supply chain management, optimize production capacity, and improve evaluation.
Joint discussions were held on the current supply chain issues and management and development trends. Open discussions were also held to offer all attendees the opportunity to share their comments on related subjects, and to answer questions.
Although this is the first time HQTS Group held such seminar, attendees from participating enterprises gave high marks to the event and expressed support for future like events. HQTS will build on this experience to be more inclusive and expand the invitation to more industry leaders and attendees to participate in future events.
For more than 20 years, HQTS Group has been working to improve quality awareness and its internal quality capabilities, while remaining deeply involved in industry education and awareness programs.

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