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HQTS Hosts its 2019 Annual Sales and Marketing Meeting

HQTS held its Annual Sales and Marketing Meeting near the company headquarters in Fujian Province, China. President Richard Fan, and Vice Presidents Sam Li, Julie Lai, and Kathy Huang were in attendance, along with the sales and marketing staff and branch managers from 16 countries and territories around the world. In total, more than ninety people gathered to share their experiences and discuss their vision for the upcoming year.

Vice President Sam Li delivered the 2019 HQTS Group Annual Marketing and Sales Report wherein he discussed problems, corrective measures, and the overall success achieved over the course of the year. Specifically, he noted the significant strides HQTS has made in its inspection and testing services, due in no small part to the support of it clients. He also noted the increasing growth rate from each branch office including Helmsman, ASCO, Yoshida, Xinghengshi, HQTS-QAI testing lab, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh.

HQTS will continue to strive for excellence in the coming year by serving its clients with industry-leading professional knowledge and extensive experience in quality control and supply chain management. It will work to offer these services in more countries and ensure that all of its clients’ products meet the strict standards of an increasingly discerning global marketplace.

About HTQS: HQTS is one of Asia’s oldest and largest quality assurance companies and provides a broad range of services that include inspections, product testing, factory audits, supplier evaluations, production management, and more. Accredited by CNAS to ISO standards with numerous other QC and testing certifications, HQTS serves clients in 22 countries around the world with more than 1500 staff members.

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