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HQTS is recognized as QC industry leader acknowledging the role we have played as a quality assurance provider.

HQTS is proud to announce we have been named as Outstanding QC Brand at the “China Inspection and Testing Brand Cluster Inaugural Meeting”. This award acknowledges the leading role we have played in the quality assurance industry in Asia.

The event’s aim is to implement a strategy for building awareness and value of China national brands. It also serves to guide continual improvement and professionalism in the inspection and testing industry.
More than 40 representatives from 21 inspection and testing providers and industrial organizations attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized the importance of the inspection and testing industry in terms of national economic and social development. It also plays a crucial role in the nation-wide development of China’s modern service industry. The establishment of top brands in the inspection and testing industry seeks to advance best-in-class standards of the industry and help Chinese inspection and testing brands to achieve greater competitive participation in the international market.

As a third-party quality assurance provider with a competitive global footprint, HQTS provides quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control and management, supply chain and quality control consulting services. The industries we specialize in include electrical and electronic, machinery, agricultural and food, industrial, mineral, textiles, hardgoods, softgoods, and many more consumer products.

HQTS has established operations in more than 80 regions and 20 plus countries. It is our mission to be the most competitive and trusted quality assurance provider in the world.

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