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HQTS Offers Enhanced Services for the Coronavirus Outbreak

The ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to affect lives around the world. While HQTS hopes for positive outcomes for all those affected, the reality is that this crisis is likely to continue for months to come. For this reason, we are offering enhanced emergency services to help clients back on track.

HQTS has been communicating with clients and supply chain partners over the past several weeks to assess their needs during this challenging time. Our people are currently working on the ground throughout China and abroad to give clients an accurate picture of what is happening while ensuring their quality needs.

Our new emergency services include:

Emergency Status Audit (ESA)

Our Emergency Status Audit will determine your supplier’s current production capabilities, so that you know exactly what is happening in their facilities. The emergency status audit specifically checks for:

  • The condition of equipment and materials
  • The availability and capability of all personnel including production line workers, process/ quality control engineers and management
  • The implementation of health and safety measures such as facial masks, on-site temperature checks, and canteen/ general sanitation

DPI Plus/ PSI Plus 

Our During Production Inspection (DPI) and Pre-Shipping Inspection (PSI) have been improved to address the needs of our clients during the coronavirus outbreak at no additional charge. Due to ongoing production and supply chain disruptions, we strongly recommend clients use the DPI inspection together with the PSI to get a better understanding of their suppliers’ capabilities at this time.

In addition to our industry-leading services, the DPI Plus/ PSI Plus will now check that your supplier is doing everything possible to minimize risks associated with the current crisis. These include:

  • Worker return rate
  • Availability of materials and components
  • Emergency production planning
  • Local government policy
  • Health and safety measures such as facial masks, sanitation, and more

All-New Production Monitoring (PM)

HQTS has redesigned its Production Monitoring (PM) service to meet the needs of our clients. We now offer a thorough three-stage on-site process that includes initial inspection, process assessment, and corrective actions to ensure clients’ standards are met consistently throughout the production process.

To help clients cope with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we also check for the the following at no additional charge:

  • Raw material and component availability/ alternate planning
  • Production Status
  • Emergency quality Control Capability

Designed with Crisis Management in Mind

These services have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the current coronavirus crisis. Having been in the business of quality control since 1995, HQTS has become experienced in the unfortunate realities of crises and offers these services based on its decades of wisdom and experience.

About HQTS

HQTS has over 25 years of experience in quality assurance and is ready to help your business build strong and meaningful supplier relationships across Asia. Our many service locations are ready to be your one-stop shop for your inspection needs, including  factory audits, production monitoring, pre-shipment and sorting inspections, and everything in between. This will allow you to know exactly what’s happening on the ground and keep close tabs on your suppliers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate current sourcing challenges in today’s automotive market.

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