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HQTS Opens New Inspection Branch in Henan Province

In September 2017, HQTS Group opened a new branch in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province. The new branch focuses on government procurement and quality control inspections.

In response to the growing demand for third-party services in China’s Midwest region, HQTS Group provides highly specialized quality control inspections for customers in that region. The establishment of our Henan branch will play an important role in the domestic business expansion of HQTS Group.


HQTS New Office in Henan Province


HQTS Henan Branch services include:

Construction Projects

Building, environmental protection and green , water conservancy and flood control, traffic and transportation, gasoline and gas, power generation, communications, reparation and beautification , system integration, and other projects will be within the scope of this branch.


Land, building, equipment, stationary, building decoration materials, special equipment, special materials, vehicle, and other goods.

Purchasing services

Printing and publishing, professional consulting, engineering supervision, engineering and design, information technology and information management software design, maintenance, leasing, insurance, traffic transportation maintenance, training, conference management and other services, etc.

Government poverty-relief program

Charitable project, etc.


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