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HQTS Selected to Provide Quality Assurance for a Ground Mount Solar Project

In the last couple years, the China central government has been encouraging development of solar projects in rural areas of China. Pursuant to this, Provision 48 of the 1 Jan 2018 Henan Province poverty alleviation regulations, stipulates that the administration must develop and execute poverty alleviation projects. It also directs that related departments, or authorized and certified third parties, be assigned to provide quality assurance for the projects, to ensure successful launch and ongoing operations.


A major ground mount solar installation project was approved to help ensure these goals were met. PV construction and installation projects are new to the region, and face a relative lack of oversight and regulatory control.


HQTS is pleased to announce we have been selected to manage all quality assurance for this project. Quality assurance is of fundamental importance for solar panels. The failure-free operation of the installation and panels is a prerequisite for efficient power generation, long life, and a high return on the investment. In support of this effort, HQTS opened the Inspection & Acceptance Operations Center for Government Procurement on December 16, 2017.


HQTS was assigned to implement quality assurance for project products, components, construction, and processes. We devoted a highly qualified team of technical experts and laboratories to perform quality assurance for the PV project. Our technical experts developed a three-step model for project quality verification and acceptance


The first step includes inspection of the support pile foundation and installation to verify penetration depth, and to perform stress and lateral force testing. HQTS used precision instruments to verify proper installation of the 1.8-meter piles. In addition to traditional detection methods, the inspection team also took high-definition video of a section of the pile in the soil, which will be retained for 15 years.


The second step required the senior technical team to carry out precise inspection and testing of each PV module to identify and resolve defective issues with each PV module and its components according to national standards. This included thermal imaging and a piece by piece inspection for hot spots. Imaging was performed by the use of high-tech equipment and videos to ensure the power generation capacity for each piece.


Step three began after installation of the PV power station. The HQTS team tested the power stations for service life, structure integrity, and generating capacity in various weather conditions. This was to verify conditions to ensure a 25-year service life, which will be important to the rural beneficiaries of the project.



The project aims to lift the income and resources for farmers and villages in this rural area.


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