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HQTS Provided Quality Control Services For “Beautiful China” 2017

The China National Tourism Administration established “Beautiful China 2017” as a cooperative effort to educate all people about China and encourage them to visit.

The Administration has ordered many products in support of this effort, and HQTS was pleased to be appointed as the third-party quality control service provider for gifts, stationary and promotional items to be used in the campaign.  The National Tourism Administration attaches significant importance to product quality. Due to this, and because product quality directly influences China’s image, HQTS also puts a high value on the execution of these projects.

The project includes 17 different types of products, including electronics, textiles, package materials and other consumer products, etc. To ensure the products meet the National Tourism Administration’s project requirements, HQTS established a team of six product experts from our quality management and control team to organize and manage all aspects of the project.

The group carefully analyzed the quality specifications of the bidding documents, studied related national and technical standards, determined pints of integration with best practices in the industry, and developed inspection plans for all 17 products. The inspection plans call for 190 separate inspection criteria.

The final project plans were reviewed in detail with the National Tourism Administration and suppliers, to see where adjustments were required. After which, the National Tourism Administration and suppliers adopted the inspection plans as the final working plan.

HQTS arranged inspectors to the factory and provided inspection services in the field. We also provided quality resolution planning to ensure resolution of some products’ defects. The National Tourism Administration and supplier accepted our quality resolution solutions and defects were resolved in cooperation with the suppliers.  

With acceptance of re-inspected products by National Tourism Administration, the project was completed. HQTS was pleased for the opportunity to improve cooperation experience with government departments through this project, have won their trust, and laid solid foundation for future cooperation.


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