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HQTS-QAI Attended Salon on Transportation Packaging

The tremendous development of global E-business industry has resulted in more sophisticated requirements for the packaging and logistics industry. Packaging plays an essential role in the production, distribution, and consumption of consumer goods. But some negative aspects have arisen — for example, environmental pollution from packaging waste and waste created by excessive packaging. Pollution from packaging waste has increased public concern, which has driven new regulatory initiatives. The Transport Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation and ISTA China organized the event. The event coincided with the 19th China International Transportation and Logistics Expo in Hangzhou on July 3, 2019. The purpose of the event was to discuss these issues and search for solutions.

The event covered three key topics that are driving change in the industry.

  • Sustainable packaging development
  • The development and promotion of intelligent and recyclable packaging Packing compliance for hazardous goods during road transport
  • The promotion of the development of high-quality road transportation in China

Representatives came from many industries, including government, professional committees, logistics, and third-party labs participated, including Mr. Zeng Liang, Senior Engineer, Packaging Laboratory, HQTS-QAI who was invited to speak.

Among the other attending companies were the Lansmont Corporation, Deppon Express, P&G (China), Atmet, BASF (China), China Packaging Research and Testing Center, and Shanghai Institute of Chemical Engineering.

HQTS-QAI is a subsidiary of HQTS Group Ltd. On of Asia’s oldest and largest quality assurance organizations with operations on more than 20 countries and 1500 employees.

Mr. Zeng Liang (the second in the left), Senior Engineer of Packaging Laboratory of HQTS-QAI spoke in the Salon

The event established a platform to help businesses in various industries obtain logistical and packaging technology information and collaborate on methods to improve transportation security.

The packaging industry has transferred from a single service category to comprehensive logistics services. HQTS-QAI is a member of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) and has complete transportation and packaging testing lab in Hangzhou. We help our clients packaging meet the ever-changing requirements for transporting their goods safely.

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