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HQTS Speaks at the 5th Vietnam Textile Summit

Vietnam is experiencing rapid growth in its export sector due to US-China trade war, increasing labor cost, and more sophisticated manufacturing in China. These are among the key factors forcing an increasing number of manufacturers to migrate to Vietnam. Direct investment, as well as technology and equipment transfer from China, have contributed to the acceleration of Vietnam’s industrialization process and economic growth. Also, Vietnam has become the 7th member to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which is expected to deliver enormous benefits for the development of Vietnam Textile and Apparel industry.

Some experts predict Vietnam will replace China as the world’s new industrial center. Others, however, express doubt about Vietnam’s ability to supplant China in this way. They point to poor quality control of products and the lack of affordability and efficiency in the supply chain infrastructure. However, this view may be somewhat short-sighted, since buyers in China faced the same issues 40 years ago.

Most quality problems are related to inefficient supply chain management, which has become a top priority for the Vietnam textile industry. Quality in the supply chain was the key topic at the 5th Vietnam Textile Summit during Jun 26 – 27, 2019 at the Danang. Buyers, wholesalers, dealers, supply chain professionals, manufacturers, corporate decision makers, and the media attended this event. Attendees hailed from Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. The prevailing concern of attendees was how to manage the supply chain better.

Mr. Mohamed Zalman Bin Zainul Ariffin, senior textile industry and supply chain expert, was invited by HQTS to present the topic, “Ensuring Safety, Quality, and Performance for Textile and Apparel Manufacturers”. Mr. Zalman introduced an analysis of the supply chain challenges in the Vietnam apparel industry. He emphasized these were often due to the push to release new products into the market within limited time constraints. Mr. Zalman detailed reasonable steps to overcome the issues while improving quality. He also shared methods for quickly delivering new products to market without degrading quality. His presentation was well received by all in attendance, and his years of real-world success underscores the value of the content he shared.

About HQTS

HQTS is one of the top third-party quality assurance service providers with operations throughout the Asia Pacific region. We focus on delivering comprehensive conformity assessment, supply chain optimization, production control, lean management and quality performance consulting, and a full range of quality control services such as inspections, audits, and testing.

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