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HQTS Specialized Technical Team Hits a Home Run

HQTS deploys specialized technical teams to assess and develop specifications for non-standard products. They have accumulated rich experience in various product categories over more than two decades. As the complexity of customer requirements for high-tech products increases while time to market decreases, the product development and production comes under significant pressure. This often translates to considerable pressure on the quality assurance service provider to more quickly align with customer requirements.

HQTS recently received an order from a new client that had designed a new type of electrical motor. Because it was quite different from standard motors, our specialized technical team was tasked with developing an entirely new set of inspection protocols and checklists within a very short time. The senior team leaders spent considerable time analyzing the client specifications and requirements documents. They looked for points of similarity with other electrical products and developed new inspections criteria where there was no match. Collating this information, the team developed a new set of QA standards, as well as a new inspection report template that aligned with the product’s complex characteristics. They used this information to train our electrical products inspectors in the field to carry out the inspection according to the new quality assurance protocols.

The client was quite satisfied with our efforts and applauded the results. They highly commended the HQTS technical and inspection team stating, “your report is clear and easy to understand, and we like the format. We are currently using another third-party QC provider in Ningbo but have decided to shift all our business to you”.

HQTS is proud to recognize our teams and staff who expend significant personal effort in behalf of our clients. They continue to build on the outstanding reputation for technical excellence and professionalism HQTS has long enjoyed.

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