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HQTS supports CIQA strategy

The Chinese government recently announced promotion of the “Country Strong on Quality” initiative. In support of this mandate the highest quality control authority, the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA), launched a parallel initiative called the “International Consumer Rights Protection Day” .

CIQA’s idea has received an enthusiastic response from HQTS Group. In a recent speech, Mr. Richard Fan, the CEO of HQTS Group, said of this effort, “the responsibility and obligation of third-party agency revolves around the protection of consumers’ rights, which means improving quality, reducing the risk, and providing services to support fair trade practices”.

As one of the first third-party inspection and testing agencies in China, HQTS is dedicated to providing fast, convenient, flexible, accurate quality assurance services for global company’s supply chains, and consumers. We seek to improve quality process awareness and knowledge to clients and customers through training, marketing and related activities, helping them to solve problems.

Based on the CIQA goals, HQTS is planning and implementing online and offline activities to fully contribute to the national strategy of “Supply Side Reform”, “Quality in China”, and a “Country Strong in Quality”.

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