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HQTS Tests Children’s Erasers

March 15 marks World Consumer Rights Day, which raises awareness about product safety. In support of this day, HQTS cooperated with China Fujian TV Station (FJTV-1 Program “Help Each Other”) to carry out testing for erasers used by children. The goal is to discover any potential health risk, and to protect child safety during the use of this product.

Eight samples were randomly purchased for testing. They were each tested to determine levels of lead, total cadmium, phthalates, PAHs and bisphenol A. These substances are considered hazardous substances in most countries and are quite harmful to the health of children. The testing results showed the content of phthalates in four samples significantly failed to conform to relevant standards, being many times the relevant standards allowable for phthalates (i.e. 302X, 245X, 278X, 349X).

The testing was carried out according to China National Standard GB 6675 for Toy Safety. Since there is no national standard regulating phthalates in stationary products, this was the most relevant standard on which to base the testing. Most international regulatory bodies, including in the USA and EU, categorize school stationery and toys as children products, and thus are subject to strict laws regulating the limit of phthalates content.

Phthalates is one type of plasticizers that may harm a child’s liver and kidney, interfere with the endocrine system, and cause sexual development issues. If children the erasure, or even hands into their mouth after using the eraser, plasticizers would easily migrate into children’s body. Phthalates are also suspected of being bioaccumulative, which would result in some substances remaining in the child’s body for a significant period.

Help for Parents

It is clear from the testing results that parents must be cautious in selecting erasers for use by their children. Understanding some key points about Phthalates will assist in making good decisions. Luo Jian, Chief Technical Director of HQTS, suggests, “parents should avoid any eraser with a peculiar smell, and all those that feel soft to the touch when compared to other brands”. This is because Phthalates is a plasticizer used to soften products and have a chemical list smell in higher quantities.

HQTS was pleased to participate in this effort to further educate consumers on product safety for their children. Consumer safety has been a key foundation stone of HQTS’ long-term mission.

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