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HQTS Introduces Live Quality Control Inspections

With the advent of the IoT, virtual reality, live streaming, and digital globalization, improving access to data and information is becoming a vital component of business success. In recognition of this, HQTS is proud to introduce a major innovation in quality control services: the Live Inspection.

HQTS is on the leading edge of industry trends and opportunities for delivering services that brings greater value and benefit to our customers. This new initiative demonstrates our innovative approach to delivering the best-in-class services in the quality control industry.

HQTS launched our Live Inspection service on the June 5, 2017. We integrated internet and live streaming technology with the inspection process, to deliver a new standard in quality control inspections.




How does a Live Inspection work?

A real-time Live Inspection is recorded in process, and simultaneously streamed online. This gives you the capability to view and monitor the inspection process using your internet capable digital device or computer. The ability to view your inspections while they happen, gives you a comprehensive and intuitive way to monitor all aspects of quality control inspections.

HQTS works hard to optimize our customer’s market position through our outstanding and innovative quality control services. This supports our vision to become one of the top five brands in the quality control industry, while we continue to deliver value and satisfaction to our customers, and society at large, through product quality, safety and compliance.

Contact us to learn more about how our Live Inspection, and other quality control services, can help you!


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