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Yoshida Staff Commended for Outstanding Performance

When it comes to quality expectations, Japanese are famous for their high standards. The staff at Yoshida Sorting Inspection Company, wholly-owned by HQTS Group, believes there is no such thing as an exacting client, but rather substandard services.

In the middle of year, most of textiles and apparel factories are now entering the peak period of production and shipment. So does Yoshida sorting inspection factories.

Recently one of our client’s suppliers made an error in not correctly arranging the shipment date. When the logistics company delivered the products to our sorting inspection factory, the schedule was already behind. To avoid the risk of missing the product launch date, our client was forced to arrange air transport to Japan. Meeting this sense of urgency, Yoshida staff pulled out all the stops to ensure the fastest possible inspection process to ensure the delivery date could be met. This included extra shifts, working overtime, and sending one inspection team to supplier’s facility to conduct some inspections to save time for our client.

All products were delivered on time through the combined efforts of our Yoshida team, the supplier and client representatives. Our client in Japan was very happy with the result and appreciated the extra effort on their behalf. They look forward to further cooperation with Yoshida.

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