HQTS Quality Control

Pakistan Pesticide Pre-Shipment Inspections

HQTS is officially listed on the panel of Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies at the Department of Plant Protection under the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, of the Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan Pesticide Pre-Shipment Inspections Scheme

All imports of pesticides into Pakistan are subject to a mandatory pre-shipment inspection as necessary by the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) – Ministry of Food of Pakistan.

The scheme was approved in 2006 and aims at ensuring quality and standard of the imported pesticides. The previous system required an NOC of the department of plant protection before clearance of the consignment at customs, which created many issues for the importers. Under the pre-shipment inspection scheme, it is unnecessary to have the DPP’s NOC.

With the approval from the government of Pakistan, HQTS is allowed to issue inspection certificates required for the export of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and rodenticides to Pakistan. Fumigation products and pesticides are under strict regulations for the protection of consumers and HQTS ensures these products are safely guaranteeing compliance with Pakistani regulations.

Why Use HQTS for Pesticide Pre-Shipment Inspections?

As a third-party inspections company, HQTS checks the shipments of pesticides during the pre-shipment inspection and certifies that:

– The importer holds valid a registration certificate issued by the DPP for the specific product being imported/inspected.

– The consignment conforms correctly, includes the given certificate and supplementary documentation

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