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Training Services

HQTS is renowned in the industry for its training protocols and systems in Quality Assurance (QA), Control (QC), and Ethics. These serves as the basis for our best-in-class service offerings and deliverable.

We can empower your organization by passing on to your staff the benefits of our knowledge and experience in the QA through our turn-key or custom training solutions. HQTS can help you define, establish, and institutionalize your Quality Assurance requirements and systems throughout, from top management to core operations.

A typical framework includes eight essential elements that makeup the roadmap for institutionalizing of quality processes. We help you learn these essential elements that form the building blocks required implementing and sustaining QA success throughout your organization. Whether it means defining, measuring, and/or improving quality, our training programs can help you succeed.

The turn-key training program includes:

  • The Quality Assurance Roadmap
  • Managing for Quality Assurance
  • Managing through Performance Standards
  • Staff training for QA, QC and Ethics
  • Auditor training to ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, HACCP,  ISO/TS16949
  • Quality Assurance and Control training for suppliers
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