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Webinar. AQL Sampling

Webinar: AQL Sampling in Quality Control Inspections

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AQL sampling is a practical and effective way to perform quality assurance on an order of manufactured goods to reduce the risk prior to accepting an order.

AQL sampling allows you to make an informed and confident acceptance or rejection decision based on the inspection of a small sample of the overall order, utilizing sample sizes and acceptance rates based on internationally recognized and accepted ISO standards.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What is AQL and how it is used in quality control inspection?
  2. How to read AQL table?
  3. How to determine the sample size with AQL table?
  4.  How to determine the number of defects allowed in a sample?



Time (GMT+8, China Standard Time)


Nov. 25, 2019




Dale Widner

HQTS Group Ltd

International Marketing Manager

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