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Webinar. Asian Seafood Market Challenges & Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Asian Seafood market, the challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic era


The extraordinary expansion of processing capabilities and rising consumer spending on seafood products within the ASEAN region are growing continuously. World fish consumption is projected to increase by 21% in 2025 to 178 million tons and Asia will be accounting for 73% of the total increase and consuming more than two-thirds of the available seafood supply.

Nowadays, Asian countries are not only a key market for seafood importers, but also for exporters who might find many opportunities as well as challenges. Regulations, compliance with local directives, entry barriers and the current situation caused by COVID-19 can be an obstacle to overcome if you don’t have the proper expertise.


In this webinar, you will see:

  • An overview to help you better understand the seafood industry across Asia.
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the seafood industry across Asia.
  • The local regulations for your seafood export and import business.
  • How to equip your seafood business with the best seafood suppliers in Asia and tips on how to ensure they are verified with required regulations.
  • Q&A Session



Time (2pm New York Time)


March 31st, 2021

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm



Mark Godfrey

China Analyst, Writer at SeafoodSource.com

Bui Kim Thuy

Senior Representative, US-USEAN Business Council-Vietnam

Elizabeth Turnbull

Host and Presenter, Quality and Compliance Expert

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