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Webinar. EU Smart Home Automation and Industry Growth, Challenges and Opportunities by 2027

EU Smart Home Automation and Industry Growth, Challenges and Opportunities by 2027


The European smart home appliance industry is on a steep upward trajectory with forecasters expecting it to grow dramatically in the coming years and beyond. In the period between 2019-2027, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.9% to generate almost US$13bn. That means significant change and disruption for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the wake of coming regulations, standardisation, supply chain changes and security challenges, but with innovation comes opportunity.

Some of the many reasons for growth in this sector include increasing demand for energy-efficient and smarter home appliances, the introduction of 5G technology and the ever-evolving Internet of Things as well as the need to cut waste. But how can companies adapt and take advantage while also navigating current challenges created by Covid-19? Find out in this insightful hour-long webinar that will see a panel of industry experts assess the current and future landscape and offer their take on how businesses can embrace the changes and challenges ahead in order to take advantage of coming opportunities.


In this webinar, you will watch:

  • An overview of the smart home appliance Industry with a focus on the European smart Home appliance sector post-Covid including future growth and opportunities.
  • The role of the smart home and connected appliances in IoT including standardisation and security.
  • The benefits of smart home appliances for energy consumption and those for the citizen.
  • Smart home challenges and how developing EU legislation is and will affect the industry.
  • The IoT Supply Chain for the Smart Home and challenges.
  • Q&A Session



Time (9 am , London Time)


December 4th, 2020

9:00 am – 10:00 am



Paolo Falcioni

Director General of Home Appliance Europe

Alexandra Deschamps

Smarter Homes Book Author and IoT Consultant

Ian Bell

Global Lead for Home and Technology, Euromonitor International

Clare Forestier

Host and Presenter

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