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Webinar. Sourcing Home Appliances Strategies to Reduce Costs and Risks with Quality Management


Quality control in the home appliance industry is critical, as it, unlike many other industries, has a high-frequency usage by consumers and is subject to product safety regulations/governmental standards.

In this webinar, HQTS Deputy General Manager, HQTS Group India, Mr. Mukesh Srivastava and our Senior Sales, Mr. Jayesh Kendule, will present the most common defects in home appliances based on data from over 40+ reports. We’ll go through how to detect and prevent them in the early stages of the supply chain so that you can save costs and headaches in your sourcing business.


In this webinar, you will learn:

✓ To get practical strategies that you can take to overcome risks and save costs with quality management.

✓ To learn what quality defects other companies have faced when sourcing goods in the home appliance industry.

✓ To find out what are the main challenges regarding quality and compliance in the home appliance industry.


Mukesh Srivastava

Deputy General Manager, HQTS Group India

Jayesh Kendule

Senior Sales, HQTS Group India

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