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    Industrial goods are often highly complex products, requiring a lot of time, effort and advanced manufacturing techniques and skills to produce. For those and other reasons, many businesses use inspections before the shipment to reduce the chances of receiving goods that fail to conform to their expectations.

    HQTS analysed a sample of inspection reports based on four quality topics: quantity, workmanship, field test, shipping marks, packaging and labelling.


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    • How frequent the number of items was incorrect.
    • Whether the workmanship in these industrial goods inspections were acceptable.
    • If the dimensions were different from the agreed specifications.
    • How often the factory fails to have shipping marks, packaging and labelling.

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    Engineering Companies

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    Manufacturers of Industrial Goods

    Quality Control Managers

    Purchasing Managers

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    Learn more about the common issues in inspections of industrial goods.

    Get actionable tips that you can apply today in your business to reduce risks.

    Get insights into the inspection process of industrial goods.

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    Founded in 1987, HQTS Group is a leading provider of quality management services in the world. Headquartered in Asia, with a regional office in Dubai and multiple services locations around the world, HQTS provides supply chain quality solutions to multiple companies across a range of industries, including quality inspections, supplier and factory audits and production monitoring.