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Quality Control in China

HQTS is Your Quality Control Company for the Chinese Market

China boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is the most populous country. It continues to evolve at a rapid rate and manufacturing and international trade is essential to this sustained growth. The country’s relationship with the rest of the world is also key to its development which is why exporting is so important in 2023.

Our Quality Control Services in China

Established in 1987, HQTS is one of the premier quality control inspection companies in China providing in-factory inspections, field inspections, quality control inspections, consumer product testing, production control and management, and quality control consulting in China.

HQTS offers comprehensive quality assurance services to customers worldwide, including quality control inspections, factory/supplier audits, consumer goods testing, production control and management, quality control consulting and training, government/trade services, specialized business services, loading supervision, port cargo supervision, and industrial equipment/building acceptance throughout Asia.


Quality Control Inspections

Quality control inspections at various stages of the production process can help you monitor product quality to ensure requirements are being met and to support on-time delivery. HQTS offers in-factory inspections as well as loading supervisions to ensure your products meet requirements. We offer the following types of QC Inspections for China:

Consumer Product Testing

HQTS is accredited to test against all major regulatory standards for the import of consumer products. We ensure compliance and safety of your products by testing them in our centrally located laboratory in Hangzhou. We perform the following testing services in China:

Our Consumer Products Testing Laboratories
    • Hangzhou, China  80,000 sq. ft Testing Laboratory for Chemical, Functional, Safety, Textile and Packaging Testing.
    • Ningbo, China – Laboratory for Chemical, Textiles, Toys, Electronic and Electrical, and Food Contact Material Testing.
    • Dongguan, China – Testing Laboratory for Footwear.

International Qualifications: ISO/IEC 17025, CMA, CPSC, ISTA.

Industrial Testing Laboratories

We have a large network of partnering laboratories for the testing of raw materials in Zhejiang and Guangdong Province in China, and in other parts of the world.

Factory Audits & Supplier Audits

Quality control in Chinese manufacturing plants begins with HQTS Factory Audits & Supplier Audits to assess vendor capability, performance, and quality standards. We assess the facilities, policies, procedures, and records that verify a factory’s ability to deliver consistent quality products over time, rather than at one given moment or only for certain products.

Our factory audits and supplier audits provide you with a detailed analysis of the condition, strengths and weaknesses of your supplier. The service can also help factories understand areas that require improvement so they can better meet buyers’ needs.

As you select new vendors and improve overall performance, our factory and supplier audit services provide an effective way to enhance that process at a reduced cost. We perform the following types of factory audits:

Quality Assurance for E-business

In recent years, e-commerce and online shopping has become the latest and most popular consumption style. As the government’s supervision of the online shopping market has increased, more and more e-commerce platforms have established their own rules to systematically control the quality of their online sales. HQTS is the official designated cooperative quality inspection organization for many China e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Vipshop, Mushroom Street, etc. Our one-stop supply chain quality control services can ensure that products are successfully launched and meet relevant quality requirements.

Other Quality Control Services for China

In addition to the services mentioned above, we can help you with:

Our China Quality Control Services cover the following industries:

Food and Agriculture Quality Control in China

With the frequent occurrence of food safety accidents, China’s food safety issues are facing increased scrutiny. Whether the products are crops or packaged food, HQTS can provide one-stop comprehensive quality control throughout the entire food supply chain. Our services cover planting, processing, acquisition, and transportation process to closely monitor and test to ensure food safety.

Consumer Goods Quality Inspections in China

We have a professional consumer goods testing laboratory with inspection outlets in more than 60 cities in China and South Asia, which can provide you with efficient, convenient, professional, and accurate quality assurance services, and protect your product brand reputation.

Industrial Goods Quality Control in China

HQTS follows the process of China’s industrial modernization and is committed to providing product quality services to domestic industrial manufacturing. It is committed to providing safety and functional optimization services for factories and industries. We can provide quality service for products according to the requirements of product quality and functionality to help our customers’ products enter the market smoothly.

Electronics Quality Control in China

HQTS has advanced testing and analysis equipment and decades of testing experience. The Group’s testing networks are located in more than 60 cities in China and Southeast Asia. Our years of experience have enabled us to fully understand the laws and regulations of various countries and the needs of different customers, to help you solve a wide range of quality control problems, meet environmental protection and global market access requirements, and to win the trust of customers.

Toys and Baby Products Quality Control in China

Over the years, HQTS has been committed to providing one-stop testing of international safety standards and related regulations for domestic and foreign customers. This is demonstrated in our certifications for toy testing such as CNAS, CMA, and CPSC qualifications.

Auto Parts Quality Control in China

We have an experienced team, familiar with PPAP program files, who can help you to control your entire supply chain, meet high requirements for product quality and safety, and enhance product competitiveness.

Building and Construction Project Quality Control in China

HQTS Construction Engineering Services Dept has been rooted in the Chinese market for more than five years. It has been committed to ensuring the quality and safety of construction products and engineering, including but not limited HVAC sanitary ware, architectural hardware, architectural decoration and components, doors and windows, building materials, green buildings, and other construction products providing comprehensive testing, inspection, supervision, certification, and quality assurance solutions.

Ensuring Quality Control in Manufacturing from China

HQTS offers quality control and inspection services for all your manufacturing needs in China. Within 24 hours of your booking being made, we can provide field inspections at your factory in China. Furthermore, we can conduct quality inspection of your products at every step of the manufacturing process. When the products need to be loaded in the container, the loading supervision can help you to ensure the conditions are suitable before shipment.

HQTS elite quality control experts and teams are professional and deployed in the main manufacturing centers throughout China. They can provide factory or supplier evaluation to verify the conditions and qualification. They can conduct quality inspection from raw to finished articles.

Quality Control Certifications and Standards for Our Services in China

HQTS quality control inspections and consumer products testing solutions can help you to ensure your products meet the required standards. We are a CNAS ISO-accredited organization certified to perform quality control inspections and ISTA testing as well as testing against RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, DMF, Cl Prop 65, GB and many other global standards.

Accredited by:
  • CNAS against ISO 17020&17025;
  • CMA certificate
  • Certificate of qualification for institution of import & export commodity inspection and survey
  • China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association import and export commodity inspection and survey organization branch member certificate
  • Hangzhou High-tech Enterprises Certificate
  • Canton Province E- Commerce Association Council Member Certificate
  • Zhejiang Province Medical Device Industry Association Member Certificate
  • Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association Member Certificate
  • Technical Committee Member for Standardization of Textile Industry Federation
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