HQTS Quality Control

Quality Control Services for Dyes and Detergents

Quality Control Services for Dyes and Detergents

Choose HQTS quality control services for the quality assurance that your dyes and detergents meet chemical restrictions.

From cosmetics and toys to medical devices, dyes and detergents are integral to various consumer and industrial products. It is imperative to ensure that these  the dyes and detergents are free from dangerous chemicals, as it is not only a legal obligation but also a fundamental responsibility of manufacturers.


Dyes and Detergents Quality Control Services

HQTS is one of Asia’s leading quality control companies, offering specialised services tailored to industrial goods such as dyes and detergents. Over the years, we have successfully delivered quality control services for small and large-scale international industrial projects.

The primary categories of industrial products we serve include:

Dyes and Detergents Quality Inspections

We have a variety of quality inspections for detergents and dyes to check whether the chemicals meet applicable chemical restrictions and client requirements. Our inspections cover multiple aspects, including quantity verification, workmanship, packaging, labelling, and more, to ensure that the final product meets the applicable requirements.

Dyes and Detergents Supplier and Factory Audit

Our auditing services can verify the legitimacy of your supplier or factory and assess their equipment and processes to ensure they can provide chemicals that are free from impurities and comply with your specifications.

Quality Control Tests for Detergents and Dyes

Our testing services include quality control tests for detergents to help identify any issues with impurities, pH level, chemical testing, product performance and compliance with product regulations and standards such as REACH, CPSIA, RoHS, EN, California Proposition 65, GC and more.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide accurate and reliable test results. Our labs are accredited, and we have an extensive network of partner laboratories to provide comprehensive testing services.

Other Dyes and Detergents Quality Control Services

In addition to our core services, we offer other quality control services for dyes and detergents, including:

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