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Wind Turbine Inspection Services and Quality Control

Wind Turbine Inspection Services and Testing

Partner with HQTS to ensure that the wind turbines, equipment and all components you source are built to the required safety and quality standards.

Our tailored quality control services for wind energy projects minimise the risk of receiving defective products and ensure that key project stages, including verification of your wind turbine supplier, wind turbine quality checks to project completion, meet acceptable norms and standards.


Quality Control for Wind Power Generation

The production of wind turbines is a complicated process that involves several intricate components, including rotor blades, nacelle, generators, and control systems often built by many suppliers, making quality control challenging.

Drawing on over a decade of experience and industry-leading expertise, HQTS has established itself as a trusted quality partner for businesses operating in renewable energy industries. Our services cover the main components of wind power generation systems, including turbines, towers, electrical systems, raw materials and more. 

The main industries we serve in this category include:

Wind Turbine Inspections

We offer comprehensive quality inspection services for wind turbines and their components, starting from fabrication and loading, all the way to commissioning. Our technical experts follows a rigorous checklist to identify any defects or issues that could compromise the quality and safety of the materials.

Audits of Wind Energy Suppliers

We offer supplier audit services to help you mitigate risks before paying your deposit or dispatching goods. Our audit process thoroughly reviewing your supplier’s business licenses, production facilities, and quality management systems. 

Wind Turbine Tests

We can conduct tests to identify any variations or issues in the performance of the wind turbines and other wind energy equipment. These tests typically include:

  • Material Tests
  • Non-Destructive Testing 
  • Performance Testing
  • Electrical Testing

Other Services

With years of experience in wind power energy, our team of quality inspectors and technical engineers at HQTS is well-equipped to provide a range of services, including:

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our wind energy quality control services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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